The Teams

The Football Team

Matthew Barker
James Bower
Daniel Crook
Alexander Disbrey
Thomas Dyakowski
Christopher Godfrey
Toby Harrison-Turner
Thomas Hemming
Jeremy Kirby
Matthew Knibbs
David Naworynsky
James Nelson
Adam Nobbs
Grant Paintin
Alexander Rawle
James Shuttleworth
Thomas Swift

The Netball Team

Eloise Ruthven-Stuart
Katherine Bennett
Sophia Conlon
Lucie Crane
Kayleigh Fowler
Megan Hemsworth
Alice Landray
Sapphire Scarrott
Ella Taylor

The Hockey Team

Yasmin Blackwell
Emily Day
Sarah Derrick
Helena George
Tara Grimsley- Moore
Isobel Haig
Lucy Henshaw
Amelia Jackson
Florence Jenkins
Kara Mcloughlin
Katie Moss
Zoe Sheehan
Lauren Whitehill
Abigail Willoughby-Seekings


3 thoughts on “The Teams

  1. I have been watching your flight on an iPhone app viewing the route the flight took and saw your flight stop in Dubai and then carry on the second stage of your journey later to Singapore. I hope the guys are all well and the journey was a good one and GOOD LUCK BURFORD in your first team matches ! Ian Morris (Sapphire’s Dad)

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